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This is the roleplaying wiki for the show Kickin' It. You can audition for either the characters of Jack, Kim, Eddie, Milton, Rudy and even Bobby Wasabi. Plus, you can even make your own character, as long as it is approved by the founder and admins. Before entering the Kickin' It roleplaying universe, please read our policies and the Getting Started Guide.If you need help, please feel free to go to the Administrators' talk pages. To request for user rights, click here for more information. To audition, click here. Click here to put the character through claiming if you wish to make that character.
Have fun roleplaying!

  1. ATTENTION Original Characters:You have to make your TheSlap Profiles RIGHT NOW.
  2. ATTENTION Original Characters:Please add content to your character pages. Blank pages will be deleted.
  3. We are holding a "Featured Original Character" and a "Featured User" contest every month. Any suggestions? Leave a message on any of our administrators' Message Walls. Thank you!
  4. Follow us on Twitter: @RP_Kickin' It.
Featured User of the Month Contest
UsagiTsukino102 is the featured user of the month of May! Congratulations, Usagi! Be sure to check out her page and leave a message on her wall.Coming Soon!

Featured Canon Character of the Month Contest
The winner of this month's Canon Character of the month is Kim Crawford!.Template:FeaturedPairing

All content in Victorious Roleplaying is pure fan fiction and has no involvement with the show itself.

Kickin' It is copyrighted to Walt Disney, all rights reserved.
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Welcome to the Kickin' It Roleplaying Wiki!

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